Keto Approved Food


Legendary Tasty Pastries

RECOVERYbit Chlorella Tablets

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Nyrvana – Nootropic Ketogenic Chocolate Ganache Truffles

Killer Creamery Ice Cream

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Cave Shake

High-fat, dairy-free drinks

ENERGYbits – Non GMO Spirulina Tablets

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Keto Brick

Yummi Foods Co.

Low-carb baked goods

Quest Protein Cookies

KetoManna – Ketogenic Chocolate / Fudge

Legendary Foods

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Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

Quest Protein Chips

Ample – Ketogenic Meal Replacement

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Meat & Seafood

Wild Planet Sardines

Wild Planet Salmon


Diabetes reversal & weight loss

Real Good Food

Low-carb pizzas & enchiladas


Connects you to high-end meat products delivered right to your door in Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia

Crown Prince Smoked Oysters

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