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Ketogenic Foods

Keto Pizza (<--Discount Link)

What I Personally Use (short list)

Ketone Products (Personal Recommendations):

Pruvit KETO//OS 2.1

KEGENIX Prime  <-- this link gives 10% off (Code: DOM10)

KetoLogic <-- this link gives 10% off  

KetoSports (Patrick Arnold's Product) 

EnergyBits (Discount Code: KT)

Keto Brownie (awesome snack and travel food)

Keto Carne (Discount Code: DOM10)

Kettle&Fire Bone Broth 

Wild Planet Foods (sardines)

Keto Cups (Discount Code: DOM)

Keto Meal (Discount Code: DOM10)

AMPLE (Discount Code: DOM15)

Dry Farm Wines (Keto-Friendly Wines)

KetoMojo (Great Blood Ketone Measurement Device)

RESOURCES (Click here: Books, Consulting etc.)

Fight Cancer with Ketogenic Diet (3rd Ed. UPDATED)

Note: For clinical questions/resources please see Charlie Foundation website or resources within this website  


Support research to advance the science and human application of nutritional ketosis 

USF Foundation Research Account (501c3)

(100% of funds go to support research) 

Ketosis Research Operating Fund at USF (501c3)

(100% of funds go to support research)


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