Lectures, Interviews, Podcasts

Lectures, Interviews, Podcasts -
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Lectures, Interviews, Podcasts


Joe Rogan Experience (#1176) Dom D’Agostino & Layne Norton

The Peter Attia Drive

Health Theory (Tom Bilyeu)

Paleo Magazine Radio

Muscle Expert Podcast with Ben Pakulski

Tim Ferris Podcast #1 (episode #117)

Tim Ferriss Podcast #2 (episode #172)

Tim Ferriss Podcast #3 (episode #188)

Joe Rogan Podcast  (#994)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Found My Fitness Podcast

HealthMade Radio – Fighting Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

BulletProof Radio (interview with Dave Asprey)

High Intensity Health Podcast (Mike Mutzel) 

Ultimate Health Podcast 


Bodybuilding.com Podcast

The Quantified Body 

The Empowering Neurologist Podcast

Smart Drug Smarts 

Ketogeek’s Podcast

Sigma Nutrition Radio (episode #164)

Sigma Nutrition Radio (episode #167)

You, Optimized. Radio (episodes 17 & 18)

The Nutrition Resource

HealthCast Now 

Optimal Performance Podcast

People Behind the Science Podcast

180 Nutrition – The Health Sessions

Nourish Balance Thrive

HVMN Enhancement: Biohacking Health and Performance

Your Best Life

The Peak Mental Performance Podcast

The Ripple Effect Podcast

Blunt Force Truth

The Vision Board Podcast

School Me – Podcast

The Ketogenic Athlete Podcast

My DNA Coach Podcast

KetoEndurance Podcast

Wealthy Wellthy Wise


Physique Science Radio

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Muscle Expert Podcast

Ample Health Podcast

Evolving Past Alzheimer’s

Just Kickin’ It Pod

Dale Bredesen Episode 12 IHMC Podcast (Alzheimer’s Disease treatment and Prevention)

Single Cause Single Cure Interview

Dr. Mercola Interview

Dr. Mercola Interview (Dr. Thomas Seyfried)

Ketogenic Diet and Cancer (Dr. Colin Champ)

Ketogenic Diet in RECHARGE cancer trial (Dr. Eugene Fine)

Restricted Ketogenic Diet for Cancer (Professor Thomas Seyfried)

Cancer and Diet (SoutheastGreen Show)

Diving Deep in Ketosis (interview with Ben Greenfield)



IHMC Lecture (D’Agostino: Pensacola)

IHMC Lecture (D’Agostino: Ocala)

IHMC Lecture (Seyfried; Ocala)

IHMC Lecture (Colin Champ: Ocala)

TEDx Tampa Bay